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How we got started.....

Starting a farm was not what we had pictured when we first got married. When I was a stay at home mom, I was looking for a way to bring something more to our family life. I purchased my first set of Angora rabbits. Following them came several chickens and one duck.   And as any person who likes chickens can tell you, it all exploded from there. That all started in 2012.


Our first baby chicks were 8 silkies and one duck. I fell in love with the duckling and, since then, have added to my flock of ducks. We currently have Pekins and Black Swedish. We also have a variety of chickens ranging from Easter Eggers to Buff Brahms and Barred Rocks. They are all great layers and survive the cold here in New York. 

We added more rabbits during the year 2014. However, since then, we have decided to no longer raise rabbits. This was an adventure, but since returning to work full time in 2015, we don't have the time to give to the rabbits. 


For a while, we had  Southdown Babydoll Sheep. They were lovely and gentle but did not fit our lifestyle. At Christmas time in 2014, I acquired my first Oberhasli Goat (Sharna), who was expecting in the early spring. We were given two beautiful does from her, but sadly, she passed away a few days after giving birth. Her babies are a handful and are always looking in your pockets for food. While we  no longer have them we have added to our herd. We currently have Nigerian Dwarfs and Nubians.  Goats are a passion and my true love for farm animals. 


Things have changed greatly over the years. Now I also have a small craft business on the side. 

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